Ultimate Guide to Check Who Deleted You on Facebook???

I hope everyone of you are having Facebook account.Right?? It is very rare these days to hear that”sorry I don’t have Facebook account”.whether you are blogger,student,professional or associated with any profession most of you will be having Facebook account with many friends out of them some of them will be be your colleague,your boss and your girlfriend or boyfriend or I can say girlfriends or boyfriends.Anyways just kidding!!! so it necessary to be aware of who all have added you and who deleted you on Facebook.

who deleted you on facebook


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If I talk about my Facebook account I am having many friends in my friend list.frankly speaking I don’t know all of them but as I am associated with blogging it is necessary for me to be in touch with new people and sometimes I find some good people and sometimes they are only added into my list and never interacted with them.

Though it is easy to add people on Facebook but at the same time are you aware how to check who deleted you on Facebook from there friend list?? if you are aware how to check who deleted you on Facebook from there friend list well and good and if not there is no issue I am writing this post for you only in order make you aware how to check who deleted you on Facebook from there list.

As I said I am associated with the blogging and hence it is necessary for me to check Is anyone there who deleted me from there list because it is also providing me the feedback about my blog.let me explain how??

If anyone deleted me it might be possible I am not providing him/her the relevant content via my blog or my blog does not belong to his/her niche anymore and there can be many other  possibility.so it is also giving me feedback indirectly in order to crosscheck my content and information that I am providing to the readers via my blog.

Who.deleted.me is a website to check who deleted you on Facebook.

who.deleted.me is really a useful service which let you monitor new people you have added in your friend list and people who deleted you on Facebook.this the 3rd part web app and in fact I am also using this application from quite sometime and I have not noticed  any kind of spam message or any sort of issue with this application.

This application is really easy to use and all you need is to login with with your Facebook account and give it access to your account.along with finding who deleted you on Facebook   this application also provides stats and graph which demonstrates your friend number graph increased or decreased over the time.

Another thing readers might be wandering Is it free?? so readers yes it is absolutely free.

Here are the snapshot of the who.deleted.me application regarding how to use it.

who deleted you on facebook



After clicking on “login with Facebook” you have to enter your e-mail Id and password.

who deleted you on facebook

After that you will get all the statistics related to your Facebook account.here I have login with my Facebook account in order to check has any one deleted me in last month?? and you can see above  that I am a lucky person i.e no one has deleted me in last month so according to this result I can take it in a positive sense that what ever I am sharing on Facebook whether related to my blog or any other information is being being liked or accepted by my friends or I can say through this application I got a positive feedback.

If you have any queries feel free to drop your comments in the comment box.

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