Effective Ways to get in touch with Professional Blogger

Most of the bloggers starts blogging alone with some of them opt blogging as a hobby and some aim to opt blogging as career.I hope everyone of you are aware of this fact blogging is not a one day game as it also require continuous hardwork and effort and more importantly patience.It is really important for you to be patient as you are not going to earn money from the very next day you started blogging.besides this you must opt various measures and techniques in order to gain traffic and popularize your blog and one the way is to get in touch with professional blogger.

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when a beginner started blogging, sooner or later he/she wants to start his/her own network of blog and want to be connected with successful and professional blogger with whom he/she can achieve his/her desire goals.

It is always beneficial to be in connected with professional blogger or pro-blogger  as they can give you new twist in your blogging careers but one thing I would like to highlight is follow or be in touch with only those professional blogger that belongs to your niche  as they are the one who can provide you with relevant guidance and that would help you in a long run.

It is not necessary to idealize every blogger as every blogger have their own way of carrying out business according to their niche but I am not saying you must ignore them but give prime focus to professional blogger belonging to your niche otherwise it would be like”you are a science student and you are asking commerce student to solve your physics doubt” I hope you are getting what I am trying say over here.

Also,let me clear you with the difference between professional blogger and part-time Blogger.Professional Blogger has to deal with lots of issues like article writing,promoting brand,Search engine optimization,networking,marketing,advertisement sell after all blogging is a bread for him.And for part time blogger blogging is merely a hobby for him.

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Now I am going to share some of the points of how to be in touch with Professional blogger:

1)Know them properly–>first and foremost step,Know them properly.you may came across few blogger whose primary aim to earn money by hook or by crook.So first know them properly and then get connected with those blogger who have passion for writing and can provide you right guidance in order to make  your blog productive.

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2)Praise them–>It is really important to praise them or you can say it “marketing skills“.professional bloggers love to get positive feedback and which in turns motivates them more in order to provide useful information to the readers.If they are getting appraisal then they will also revert back you in some way or other and you might be lucky may be you can get in regular touch with him/her.

you can praise them by writing positive comments on their post or by sharing their post or by writing about that blogger  on your profile.

3)Implement  their advice–>It is really important to implement or accept their advice in order to take advantage of the professional blogger in coming future.you must implement the tricks on your website that are being suggested by pro-blogger so that professional blogger also seek interest in you as you are accepting his/her advice seriously and in future also he/she going help you some way or the other as you are giving importance to him/her.

If you merely listen to his/her advice and does not implement he/she will loose interest in you as you are not showing the desired result and please keep in mind he/she is not idle that he/she will always available for you.

4) Understand their time value–>As all of you are aware “time is precious“.so it is necessary for you to value your time as well as other time.In order to be in touch with them you must adjust according to them as they are not idle they have other tasks also and whenever they are available to you it is your duty how to find productive solutions and advice  from them as they are not available to you all the time.Also,Pinging them again and again might  make  him/her to delete you or block from the list and hence you are the sufferer.

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