Top Commentators Plugin- Installation,Customization and Benefits

If you ask any professional Blogger,  how to get more comments to your blog. Then, there could be many possible answers for this question like start a forum, asking questions in the post but one easy and effective way to increase the comments is to use Top Commentators Plugin . This plugin helps in listing the top commentator of your blog and thus gives it a back-link in return when you enter that list of Top commentators .In this way, this plugin helps in increasing the comments in the post of your blog.

Hence, in order to get a back-link reader could get interested in commenting after reading the post.

In this post, i will tell you how to install and customize this plugin with overall benefits of this plugin.

Installation and Customization of Top Commentators Plugin:

To install this plugin proceed as given below:

Download the plugin by clicking here

Go to plugins > Add new > Upload and install the plugin.

Now, you need to customize this plugin as:

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Find ” Top Commentators Widget” . Now , drag and drop this widget where you want to show it.

Now, you need to customize Top Commentators Plugin as:  top commentators plugin

  • You can set the title as per your choice.
  • You can add description which will be shown below the title on your website.
  • You can exclude the admin and others dashboard users as per your need.
  • You can set the reset period time after which the Top commentator list is to be updated.
  • You can limit the number of commentators and character limit.
  • Set displaying format whether you want it in bullet or number system.
  • You can decide whether you want to hyperlink the name of commentator or not.
  • You can set this widget for home page or all pages.
  • Set gravatar image or not.


Benefits of Using Top Commentators Plugin:

Now , I am going to tell you the benefits of Top commentators plugin. As, this plugin rewards your top commentators with a back-link. So, this gives you benefit in following  ways:

  • This results in more visitors with their quality comments. You can expect quality comments on your blog because visitors would be making an effort to get it approved in order to get a back-link.
  • This plugin could result in less Bounce rate as visitor would be have a tendency to read the complete article for making a comment.
  • Ultimately, If you have excellent writing skills then you can earn more followers through it.

There is another very useful plugin CommentLuv  related to blog commenting. I personally suggets every blogger to use both the plugin.

Read About CommentLuv- It’s Installation, Benefits & Drawbacks

Important NoteFor making more Backlinks for your site,search on Google for blogs which are using Top Commentator plugin. Take out the list and start commenting on these blogs to earn backlinks.

Hence, this plugin is beneficial for both blog owner and visitors. If you are a newbie in blogging then then it will be helpful in making good relations.


Always remember – Don’t comments on blogs just for the sake of commenting and getting backlinks, rather comment to make relation with other bloggers

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask via comments.

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