Which one is Better:Affiliate Marketing or Adsense?

I hope everyone of you are aware of Affiliate Marketing, Right???

If still there are some readers who are still unaware and eager to know What is Affiliate Marketing??

Then read :Introduction to Affiliate Marketing 

By now, You are aware that Affiliate Marketing(A.M) is a smart way to earn and increase your income. Here, I am talking of those readers who are aware of A.M. But I am writing this post for all of readers so I would suggest to read Introduction of A.M first i.e the link that I have shared above. So, you can capture 100% of information and knowledge that I am going to share via this article.

There are others ways as well besides A.M to increase your income and promote your business and one such way that I hope everyone is aware of is Adsense.

affiliate marketing

Now, you might be in dilemma that which one is better among these two techniques to enhance your business knowing that both are equally good. And there is no surprise in this that this a typical trap and a quite confusing situation.

But, No worries!!!!!! as this post will definitely help you to take your decision properly so that final output turned out to be fruitful.

Core Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Adsense:

In order to clarify your doubt let us first look at the comparison between Affiliate Marketing and Adsense.

1) The earning potential in A.M. is far greater than that in case of Adsense.

2) There are many companies that manages Affiliate Programs but Adsense is managed by Google alone.

3) It is quite easy to get into affiliate networks in comparison to Adsense.

4) Affiliate programs have versatility i.e you will able to find Affiliate products of any niche but in case of Adsense it is not allowed on some niche and you need to adhere policies listed by Google failing to which your Adsense Account will be disabled and you will not able to participate again in Adsense program. Hence, we can say Adsense is strict in comparison to A.M.

5) Most  of the Affiliate companies offer paypal as payment method which is Advantageous but in case of Adsense, this option is not available .

So, from above comparison we have got that Affiliate marketing is somewhat better than Adsense. But if you want recurring income than definitely go with Adsense  and if you want to earn money in a one go then A.M come into picture. Finally choice is totally yours.

Here I would also like to share that many people have misconception that  Google is against A.M but it is not at all correct. According to Google you can keep Affiliate link on your blog but make sure that your blog comes in the category of quality blog otherwise Affiliate links will be of no use.

A.M works on some pages of your blog as not all of your blog pages will be making money for you and if talk about Adsense then Adsense works  on those pages which does not support A.M.

I would also like to mention that Adsense acts as back bone for bloggers as it gives recurring income but if we talk about A.M you can make more money from just one sale as compared to Adsense which varies between $10 -1000 depending upon which product you are promoting and selling.

Some of you might have question -” Can we Use Adsense and Affiliate Marketing togeather?

So Answer for this question is “Yes”. In fact I will also suggest to use combination of both but in a right way.

Hence after reading this article I hope you have come to know  about the comparison between these two techniques.

Now it is up to you that what you want to choose from Affiliate marketing or Adsense or both.

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  1. Arun Kallarackal

    Nice article, comparing two modes of monetizing a blog. Personally, I feel Affiliate can earn much more money, if applied correctly.
    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…How to manage a day job and a flourishing blog togetherMy Profile

    • Ikshit Kakkar

      Yes, With Affiliate one could expect huge amount of bucks. But all we need is to make relations first and target right audience.
      Glad that you liked this article…Stay in touch :)

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