How to Add Author Image to WordPress Blog

At the beginning of my blogging carrier , I was eager to know that how we could Add Author Image to WordPress blog. I used to think that it could be difficult procedure to have your image along your posts and comments. But i find it one of the simplest task and i will tell you the steps that you need to follow to add author image to your WordPress Blog.

Steps to Add Author Image to WordPress Blog :

1. Choosing the Right Image: Choose your best image as this will be shown in your all posts as an Author image to wordpress and this image will also be shown when your comments gets approved. Here is a snapshot of my Author image as given below:

Add author image to wordpress blog

2. Create a Gravatar Account: This is the very first step which includes a sign up at After creating your account in, now you need to add your email Id . Remember, this email email Id should the same one that you have entered in your wordpress user account. If Gravatar is asking you to activate your account by confirming a link in your email then confirm that mail. Now , add a good image of yours in your Gravatar account and select this image as your Gravatar image.

3. Add Email Id to Your WordPress Account : Now, the next step is to add an email Id to User Account in your Dashboard. This email Id should be the same email Id that you gave in Gravatar. If your User account of dashboard is asking to add a photo along with the short description about the author then upload the same image that you have uploaded in Gravatar.

After adding your email id and photo , click on update profile .

4. Check Your Author Image: You can check whether you have done all these steps in a correct manner by commenting below . If you are getting your image along with your comment then you are a champion and if you are not getting your image then read above given steps again.

These were the steps that need to be followed to Add Author Image to WordPress Blog. I hope you have got your author image in your wordpress blog and if you are finding any difficulty then you can ask your queries by commenting below.





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